Mondays are an odd day. You dread them all weekend, and then when they come around they fly by; well at least that’s the plan.

Got to work on time (woohoo), sat down checked my emails and then took a huuuuuuge pile of letters to be franked, by the time I’d done that and inadvertently sitting through the meeting of another team in our building it was 10.30. I did some filing and minutes and all of a sudden it’s 13.30. Lunchtime! But wait, i’m too poor to buy lunch. D’oh.

The afternoon crawwwwwled by, contacting hospitals for information on leading physicians is all well and good once or twice but for over 50 hospitals it looses it’s shine. 5pm comes around and everyone starts to leave, when I get an e-mail from a chair person and I end up having to stay till 5.20 dealing with his query. Argh.

Anyway, home now. Jason’s out for the evening meditating with Alistair Appleton, so I guess I’ll just put my feet up and drink a glass of sloe gin and tonic.

~ by youbrokemytaco on January 29, 2007.

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