Amazing Evening

Hey all, just got in from an amazing evening!

Met up with my good friend Ali after work, we grabbed the worlds BIGGEST cups of tea at Costa Coffee on Old Compton Street, and had a good chat. Then we moved on to a lovely, cheap and cheerful Chinese restaurant in China Town, very fitting the day after the Chinese New Year celebrations. We munched on crispy duck and sweet and sour pork and talked more and ate more and talked more.

Once we were totally stuffed we waddled up to The Friendly Society, just off Wardour Street and have lovely Pimms and lemonades and gossiped the rest of the evening away. He’s such a wonderful guy, so easy to talk to – and handsome too!

I waved him off at Kings Cross not long after 10pm and headed home on the DLR. I walked from the DLR to my building in the rain with music playing on my iPod. I looked up into the sky as the rain fell down on my face and realised, that I was happier at that point, after this evening than I have been in a very very long time.

~ by youbrokemytaco on February 19, 2007.

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