Pay Day Drinkies…

I’ve just got in, albeit somewhat DRENCHED from my night out with thingbox friends, a good evening was had by all.

We met up outside the Lewisham Library and trundled through the wind, rain and fire* to two6eight (formerly Stonewalls) in Lewisham. When we got there it was fairly quiet but it soon picked up. Wednesday, unbeknown to us is and shall always be karaoke night. There were a few lesbians and two gay men who insisted on singing Whitney and Lionel Ritchie’s back catalogues. But after a few large gin and tonics we didn’t care.

Much drinking and flirting with a man who turned out to be a lesbian later one of our friends stood up and sang a (bloody good) rendition of ‘Come Fly with Me’ by Frank Sinatra. A few more drinks later and we were ready to leave, the bar is open until 4am – but there’s no way I’m staying there until 4am on a work night!

Finally got home (drenched again) via the DLR at 1am, and am now, very very ready for bed!

~ by youbrokemytaco on March 1, 2007.

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