Halfway to Revolution

Yesterday I met up with Lisa and John and we went to Coffee Cake and Kink (see http://www.whatsyours.com/host/php/) had coffee, cake, and coke floats. Then we trudged up and down Tottenham Court Road in the rain whilst John picked himself out a nice nice 22″ Asus TFT screen. We had a few more drinks at Revolutions Vodka Bar in Soho before heading back to Lisa and John’s for a sneaky chinese and two bottles of rosé.

Today I woke up (quite early) on their sofa, we all got ready and headed into town, they went to Pagan Pride and I headed home. Logged onto the net, and had lunch and booze. Went back into town for about 8pm this evening, met Lisa and Paul at Retro Bar, before heading over to Halfway for the Sunday karaoke. I had a quick snog with a very lovely French guy, nothing will come of it, but he was damn cute – and was a great kisser. Paul, Lisa and I headed over to Revolutions (again), for cocktails before we all went to our various homes (in the rain) and here I am, damp but home at last!

~ by youbrokemytaco on May 27, 2007.

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