Fajitas for six, six for fajitas.

I got up this morning with no real aim or plans, which suited me fine. I logged onto MSN from bed, being the lazy sod that I am and had a chit chat with a few friends. I decided to meet Paul for a coffee and a browse up at Borough Market (near London Bridge) .

So I got out of bed, had a nice bath and spruced myself up, realised all my jeans were still in the washing machine so threw together a rather dashing smart casual affair, grabbed my iPod and jumped on the next locomotive up to London Bridge.

I met Paul outside Borough Market and we tried cheeses, Paul bought venision and coffee grounds, and we both had a venison burger (which were *delicious*). Borough Market is a marvellous place, you can buy all manner of treats from fresh cheeses, to hand dived scallops, organic Norfolk pork or even Ostrich sausages. We even popped into the Coffee Musuem for a quick pot of Indian-Ethiopean coffee.

We then wandered around the city, through Canon Street all the way into Soho and the ‘West End’ before Paul jumped on the tube home and I walked back to Charing Cross in the pouring rain. I quite liked it actually, I was in a great mood after a fun afternoon and not even the rain was going to put me off.

On the way home I was asked to dinner by my friend Ben and by mine and Jason’s friends Chris & Martina – oh the price of being popular.  I ended up going to Chris & Martina’s and rescheduling Ben for later in the week. We had four bottles of wine, and multiple fajitas, chocolate cake and even more coffee to finish. They’re such lovely people, with such dirty senses of humour.  Ah well, I’ve just got in at 1am – and I’m supposed to be drinking all day at Soho Pride tomorrow. Viva London!

~ by youbrokemytaco on August 19, 2007.

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