Initial CityLink = Initial ShittyLink

How can this firm be so incredibly shitty and still be in business? It is beyond me!

I bought something yesterday online and as it’s pretty damn urgent I paid well over the odds for next day delivery. I’ve waited in all day for it, and nothing. I called a few times and no-one answered the phones, my ‘consignment status’ has just been updated and apparently I wasn’t available so my goods have been returned to the depot in KENT, and now their phonelines are officially closed.

I was in all day, no-one knocked, no-one posted a card, no-one called, no-one buzzed, no-one left it with the bloody concierge downstairs! Where do they find these drivers, Jade Goodie’s home for the brainless? ARRGH.

So my options are wait until Monday, or go to fucking Kent tomorrow before they close at NOON.


~ by youbrokemytaco on August 31, 2007.

One Response to “Initial CityLink = Initial ShittyLink”

  1. I had a cat that looked like yours. They let me adopt him at nine weeks of age (he was adopted for a week by an older couple and they couldn’t handle him). I said “yeah, a cool cat” and named him Mick Dundee because he was fearless. There was one caveat to the adoption, I could under no circumstances name him “Spot.”
    He taught himself to fetch crumpled post-it notes. When I moved, I found a thousand or so under the sofa.
    We love Canary Wharf – spent a couple of weeks in London for work last year. Take care, Dee (

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