Had a really tough morning today, dealing with my current pressing issues. Which wasn’t helped by my lack of sleep (a total of 3 hours) last night due to a rather upsetting MSN conversation with a drunk friend. Nothing is ever simple.

Seems like Jason’s condition is having a bit of remission, which means I won’t have to accompany him to the specialist hospital again, which is a relief for me – and an even bigger one for him too.

I’m sat here listening to rain music, well the recording of a thunderstorm – trying to pluck up the energy to go and get some lunch (yes I know it’s 3.03pm). It all seems a bit too much effort, so I’m going to stay sat where I am and just hold out till later on I think.

Am thinking about getting a part time job on the side to help try and cover some legal costs, and other living expenses which are so *draining* – not sure what, any ideas or vacancies? I was doing the personal filing for a CEO of a large company for a while, but that seems to have stopped now that I was far too efficient and organised them to within an inch of their life.

I purchased 2gb of RAM for my laptop recently, I eventually got it after three days hell from CityLink ShittyLink and after a day or two running it turned out to be faulty and give me the Vista BSOD every couple of hours. I had to pay to send it back to them, and hopefully tomorrow if ShittyLink get their arses into gear I’ll have a new set of 2gb RAM free. Hurrah.

~ by youbrokemytaco on September 12, 2007.

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