Llanbedr Loafing

Hello all, I’m still alive – I’ve just been away for a few days, so haven’t been able to update this blog due to lack of internet, or even mobile access!

On Friday I escaped in style to Shell Island with my good friend Sunin to join a group of Freakcity campers. Shell Island is located in Llanbedr, near Mt Snowdon in Wales; it’s a estuary essentially that at certain points of the day and night when the tide is high, becomes an island – it’s all very cool. We arrived at just before 9pm, about 10 mins before the causeway became impassable. We set up our tent/mansion fairly quickly under the power of headlights, and headed off to join the other 20 or so gays around the fire. That night Sunin and myself got through 2 bottles of vodka, and 3 cartons of Cranberry juice.

Saturday morning we rose early. Sunin, Dec, Jamie and myself took a long walk over the dunes onto the beautiful beach for a good hour or so. The wind was incredibly stong but it was so incredibly refreshing, the air was fresh and clean, the sun was bright, the sky was blue. Later on we headed into Porthmadog to get some supplies, namely kebabs and more vodka. That evening we had what must be one of the worlds biggest BBQs, even more vodka and a ‘silent disco’. Fruitbat (that’s really his name) set up a FM transmitter and an iPod and supplied us all with mini FM radios and headsets – queue 8 gay men dancing to Wigfield in complete silence – it’s an amazing idea, we get our disco and the other campers get their peace. After the excitement of the disco Sunin, Chris, Neil, Ralph and myself headed over the dunes (at about 2am!) over to the beach for a moonlit stroll. It was freezing but so incredibly beautiful – you could see the Milky Way in amazing detail, the blue haze, the constellations – we were spotting them all.

Sunday we basically did very little apart from get up, have tea, and be blown about. Luckily we were afforded the protection of the ‘Wendy House’ which is more like a giant greenhouse, it has running water, THREE gas stoves, electric lighting, a chandelier, a candelabra and two fridges. It’s quite fabulous. We all decamped to the local pub for lunch and then went for a drive afterwards. That evening included another silent disco, hot dogs, and lots of gin.

Today (Monday) we got up LATE, and packed our stuff away, went for a walk and headed home, and here I am. I have an amazing tan, sand everywhere and lots of great memories. I hope to go again REAL soon!

~ by youbrokemytaco on September 17, 2007.

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