To boldly go where most cats have gone before

Today was a big day for the Cosmo, our favourite black and white joker/cat. There’s been talk of buying him a harness and lead for ages to take him outside, but somehow it never happened. Well last week they were bought, and today was his first journey outside.

Holding him still long enough to put the harness on was a challenge, and once that was somehow achieved he didn’t really want to go outside. So I had to part carry and part lure with Whiska Treats. Once we were outside he slunk about in the bushes, looking very nervous – but eventually he was coaxed into coming over to the grass where he had a good trot about and climbing into plenty of shrubs, getting pretty dirty. I guess he’s developing a taste for it, and it’ll become a regular thing for him now. Cats of Lewisham and Greenwich, be afraid, very afraid!

Picture below 🙂

Cosmo LOL

~ by youbrokemytaco on September 24, 2007.

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