London’s burning!

Last night was Paul’s house party at his lovely new apartment in Bow. Joining us were Jon, Harry, Tom, MicroPaul and Ben. There was Wii playage on some strange game which invovled energy beings and stuff, faux bubbly, muchos gin and vodka, party rings, sausage rolls, oreos and HARIBO!

Mid party it became clear that Barking/Dagenham/Generic East London was on fire, there were enormous plumes of smoke rising in the distance, and flames so huge we could see them from the balcony, the air became quite acrid very quickly – but with all the smoking done by Poirot Tom Zaty it became difficult to distinguish!

We found out Jacob’s Creek sparkling Pinot Noir is nicer when you add 3 or 4 Haribo cola bottles, although the cola bottles then become incredibly chewy. Slowly people left as it got very late, and I ended up crashing as I was enjoying myself far too much heh. We watched some god awful infomercials and then fell asleep! I’m now back home and vegging out with snacks.

This week will mostly be spent celebrating/comiserating my 22nd Birthday (Tuesday 2nd October) and playing with my iPod Touch. w00t.

~ by youbrokemytaco on September 30, 2007.

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