Playing catch up…

It’s been 9 days since I last posted, things have been a bit all over the place so here’s a brief catch up, and outlook from taco boy!

Octoberbash was a riot, I had an amazing time and met soooo many people I’ve chatted to online but never actually met, people I’ve not seen in years and other people I’ve never even spoken to. I got quite tipsy, but not drunk enough to make an arse out of myself. I caught some friends having sex in the toilets which was funny, mainly because they were drunk and giggling rather than sexing! People kept buying me drinks, at one point I had three drinks – each with a different spirit in. Afterwards myself Jamie, Alan (moogal), Sunin and SomeotherguyIcan’tremember went for food before more booze which was also fabulous!

During the week I had much work to do at the solicitors, but it’s all looking quite promising and stuff, which is uplifting. Our plasma TV died which was a pain, and the repair estimate was £1100, which is out of the question! Wednesday the bookings, hotels and flights were all confirmed for my New Zealand family Christmas which is going to be UBER awesome – nearly two whole weeks in the sun, sailing, sunbathing, eating, drinking and shopping! Thursday was spent doing a HUGE spring clean of the house, I bought a steam cleaner and went over the sofa, the bed, all the furnishings, there was hoovering, mopping, scrubbing – but now the place is sparkly! Thursday evening I went to the recording of ‘Have I Got News For You’ with Ian, Dan, Mosmi and Mark which was so funny we cried!

I spent Friday – Sunday up at my parents in the Midlands, which as usual was lovely family time. We went out for some nice meals, did some shopping in Worcester (lovely city), saw photos from my sisters ultrasound (she’s pregnant – due January), spent time on my parent’s boat and even made a cake! It was lovely to see them all, especially my dog Bonnie (a mad Jack Russell) and my cat Flo (she’s 18 years old!) – of course I got covered in white hair!

Today I’ve filled in some more paperwork for the solicitors, sorted travel insurance, and am now going to John Lewis to buy a brand new 42″ LCD TV (thanks to parental monies) which will be fabby. Spent an afternoon last week in John Lewis Oxford Street picking out the right TV for me. It turns out to be the Toshiba 42X3030D pure 1080p HD pictures – mmmmmn.

Not sure about the rest of the week yet. Well, I know next weekend I’m flying to Guernsey on a tiny propeller plane to see family for the weekend – which will be nice, beaches (windy beaches!), amazing food, lots of wine and no need to spend money. Hurrah.

What’s everyone else up to?

~ by youbrokemytaco on October 22, 2007.

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