I knew yesterday started off too well, what with my new Canon EOS digital SLR arriving early in the morning giving me the whole day to play with it – then lunch with Edward at Wagamama in town.

So late last night on the way home from spending the evening with a friend in East London I was walking along a path to find a taxi or night bus when a “man” stopped me in my tracks asking for 90p, which then increased to £1.50. I told him I had no change, to which he told me to “look in your wallet”. I refused at which point he demanded my wallet, I wasn’t going to argue and handed it over. He took my Capital One credit card and a small amount of cash then threw my wallet at my face and ran off.

Luckily he was stupid and unlucky enough to take a credit card which is already maxed out, and left me my debit card. I managed to find a black cab that took cards – and had a rather short, expensive but welcome ride home and two temazepam later I managed to get some sleep.

It was a horrid experience that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. It’s filled me with fear and at the same time so much hatred it’s quite disturbing.

On a lighter note you can now see my pictures taken with my new DSLR at

~ by youbrokemytaco on October 31, 2007.

4 Responses to “Mugged”

  1. Sorry to hear that. These people will get what is coming to them, one day. Keep taking the photos.

  2. Thank you, I hope so.

  3. You have the worst luck, seriously. And something like that happening for no reason is just horrid. *hugs*

  4. Hi Mr, i am sorry it happened to you ,but i am glad you did the sensible thing and didn’t argue.

    Thanks for lunch 🙂 was fab.

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