Blindingly good fun…

It’s been an eventful end of my week thus far.

On Thursday when travelling to my solicitors for an important meeting I was riding the Northern Line when all of a sudden it stopped very abruptly. I was holding my travelcard in my hand when I was thrown from my perch onto the floor and the corner of my travelcard ended up literally in my eye. I screamed loud enough that I think most people in London heard me. I continued to the lawyer for my hour long important meeting, holding my weeping painful eye – and afterwards got them to call me a taxi to Moorfield Eye Hospital. After much probing, anasthetic, and tissues they determined I had a abrasion and small piercing of my cornea – so I’ve been having to wear a lovely eye patch and put antibiotic drops in every two hours.

I spent today wandering around London with Paul, we started off at Borough Market where we tried cheese and I had wonderful oysters and took even more photos. We headed from there over to Spitalfields Market via watching a small bit of the Lord Mayor’s Parade and even managed to get interviewed by some foreign students! Then we went on to trendy Shoreditch for a coffee and some snacks in an awesome bar, and after that over to Bethnal Green to visit a museum. Now I’m firmly seated on the sofa, putting my feet up and relaxing.

More pictures at:

~ by youbrokemytaco on November 10, 2007.

One Response to “Blindingly good fun…”

  1. Oh good lord, you are having the worst luck recently. Best keep away from the cat’s claws and sharp objects…

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