So Winter’s here…

After a week of antibiotic eye drops (not fun) I can now see properly, focus and use my eyes without extreme pain. It’s quite quite wonderful. I’ve been making the most of having both eyes again and taking loads of photos and uploading them to my Flickr account.

On Wednesday I visited the new St Pancras International terminal. It’s beautiful, absolutely stunning. It sort of puts me in mind of Grand Central Station mixed with the romance of Venice. Beautiful, grand, elegant, functional and striking. I love the heavy use of glass – which allows you to get right up close to the trains which is awesome. The bevvy of high class shops, restaurants and bars is impressive too, hopefully it’ll be a big boost to the area.

St Pancras International
(click on the image to enlarge)

On Thursday there was a fairly huge event that has been hanging over my head for most of the year, people close to me will know exactly what I’m talking about. It went better than could have possibly been expected, and hopefully life can start to look up a bit! Thanks be to Robin and Jack for being so supportive.

Today (Saturday) I headed into town. It was freezing. There was actually frost on the ground when I woke up, what’s that all about. I guess Winter is really here, with all the bitter winds and frost that entails. Myself, Jason, Euan and his partner Richard all met at London Bridge and we wandered into Borough Market to get a GORGEOUS hot chocolate, and walked up to the Thames. We decided against our better judgement and love of shoes to walk along the beach/pebbles/sludge as the Thames was at low tide. I got some awesome photos, but it was sooooooooooo damn cold. Richard spotted us all to a lovely lunch at Studio 60 which is near the Globe Theatre. By the time we had finished dinner it was completely dark! We all headed back here to watch (read mock) this week’s X-Factor! Obviously the wrong person was voted off, but it makes good TV I suppose.

Euan looking happy as ever

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