Evening Horn

It’s Wednesday evening, and I’m sat at Stonewall’s offices, well I guess it’s afternoon – but it’s so dark out there it might as well be the dead of night! Somewhere outside there is a VERY loud brass band, they must be loud because we can all hear them perfectly 14 levels up, it’s quite surreal – but also very festive which is quite welcome.

I’ve been saving up for a while now to get a new fabulous Core2Duo Macbook since the departure of my previous one, and now I’m finally at my target. So this evening myself and Matt Jones are heading to the Apple Store on Regent Street to purchase my new piece of loveliness!

Continuing with the surreal theme, I’ve got Scott’s beach party and barbeque this weekend. Yes, you read right – a beach party in November in East London. It’s going to be inside, with costumes, surfing movies and heating! Should be, erm, interesting.

~ by youbrokemytaco on November 21, 2007.

2 Responses to “Evening Horn”

  1. Good choice on the Macbook, i plan to purchase one in the future sometime!

  2. Oh god yeah, it’s wonderful – I love it! I’m so glad I got it, my PC was driving me insane!

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