Time stands still for no-one…

As time marches on certain things you try to put out of your mind eventually come to the fore, and there’s nothing you can do but deal with them, putting your head in the sand solves nothing – tempting though it is. I think if most people were honest they’d spend their entire lives snuggled up under a duvet given half a chance, and I can’t say I’d disagree.

This week presents me with some scary events, which no matter how much I wish otherwise I have no option but to grit my teeth and deal with; after all it’s my own stupidity and damned bad luck that have ultimately created them. I’m hoping for a positive outcome, well as positive as can be expected given the relevant circumstances, how likely that is I’m unsure.

I’d like to thank my friends, the friends who have stuck by me, stuck up for me and supported me. I know it’s not easy at times, and I certainly don’t deserve your loyalty which makes it all the more overwhelming. If I take only one thing out of this whole situation it’ll be how important good friends are. So to those friends who have been there for me, and especially those in recent months, and certainly those who have helped me out in the last couple of days thank you, I won’t forget it, and I owe you a BIG drink.

~ by youbrokemytaco on November 26, 2007.

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