Daytime TV Trash

Generally speaking ‘daytime tv’ is the biggest pile of loose stool water you’ll ever come across whilst channel surfing, whether it be Richard & Judy wittering on about books, or Coleen Nolan being homophobic, it’s all just a load of toss quite frankly.

But occasionally, very very rarely you’ll see something either so wonderful it’s life affirming, or on the other hand something so appalling it’s also life affirming. Today was one of the latter. Whilst watching the ever ridiculous ‘Jeremy Kyle Show’ two of his guests were so awful I had to stop eating my lunch. I’d like to take a second to introduce them to you…

I’m not sure of ‘her’ name, to be fair I wasn’t paying that much attention, all I could see were her various necks moving in a grotesque synchronised fashion. Apparently she had an affair 18 years ago, with several men and isn’t sure who the father of her 18 year old (now pregnant for the second time) daughter.

I’m afraid I didn’t catch this beauty’s name either. Apparently he had a drug and anger problem (possibly caused by the inability to eat using those “teeth”). His fiancé won’t marry him until he’s had a lie detector (that reliable method) test about his cheating ways. Can’t you just feel the trust between them?

Whilst it would be amusing for a moment or two, I can only hope the two don’t meet backstage and mate, creating some sort of hybrid creature – I mean they’ve both got such unique dental styles – could you imagine the teeth on the hybrid offspring? *shudder*

It’s small things like this that make me feel slightly better about my situation. I know it’s mean yes, cold hearted yes, a bit bitchy? Yes.

~ by youbrokemytaco on December 21, 2007.

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  1. I totally agree with you – see my own post:

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