That’ll be all Juanita…

So about a month or two my lovely new neighbour Rodden moved into the complex, and it turns out he’s about as much of an Apple and all over gadget fan as I am. With him he brought his Roomba Robotic Floorvac by iRobot.

I’d seen them about in shops, and a couple of places online – but always thought they were just gimmicks, not so much as real cleaning solution as a toy. Boy, how wrong was I?

Rodden gave me a demo at his apartment which completely wowed me, then suggested that I go home, and throughly hoover my entire apartment. I did so, I moved all the furniture, hoovered the skirting boards etc. Then he brought his Roomba over and set it going. The beauty of Roomba is you just set this lil’ robot going and either put your feet up and watch TV or head out to the shops or whatever it is you want to be doing. So we chatted and gossiped, and 45 minutes or so late Roomba emerged from under the sofa and played a tune which meant it was done, we emptied the waste receptacle and it was PACKED, I didn’t realise how much dirt was down there.

So I’ve put some money together, and earlier this morning I put in an order for a Roomba 530. Not quite top of the line, I mean they all clean as well as each other – some just come with extra accessories, but I have a small flat and have no need for them. I bought it through who offer free (3 day) shipping in the UK, or £4.50 for NextDay delivery, but if you insert the promotion code ‘pricedash’ when you pay you get the NextDay delivery for free 😀

So tomorrow my Roomba arrives, and will be doing daily patrols of the apartment, hoovering up cat hair, dust and litter, and buffing the wooden floor shiny! I’ve decided to name her Juanita after Alan Carr’s cleaner! I’ve also included a video below about the Roomba, it’s the older generation – but I think it’s the best advert they’ve done. You can click here to read about the Roomba 530 model.

~ by youbrokemytaco on January 3, 2008.

3 Responses to “That’ll be all Juanita…”

  1. hmmm you and your toys. Sounds fun tho 🙂

  2. The Roombas will rebel against their masters and evolve to look human. There will be twelve models. All available from Argos and Currys.

  3. Have to say we absolutely love our Roomba – I still do “regular hoovering” when we clean from top to bottom, but our little red buddy is great for just every day or so cleaning while I unwind from the day – and the cats don’t seem to mind it at all either which is a plus – Enjoy!

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