Come fly with me…

16 months ago I went on my first holiday with friends to Tenerife. Although it’s not the most exotic, sophisticated or far flung place I’ve been, it definitely ranks in my top 3 favourite holidays I’ve taken.

It was care free, fun, uninhibited. There was no schedule, no plan, no motive. We went to have fun, and that’s what we did. We pootled around in a ridiculous vehicle, stayed in a nice villa, got hammered played in the pool and ran into the sea wearing our underwear. I haven’t felt able to do that on other holidays I’ve been on for one reason or another.

This year I want to take another holiday with friends, I want to feel that freeness again, I want to have fun.  One friend said we could go to Bora Bora, but that’ll cost me the best part of £1000 without spending money, another good friend suggested San Francisco which would be awesome, and probably affordable – but there are lots of provisos hanging over that.

I don’t care if I go to Bora Bora, San Fransico, Zambia, Mallorca or Iceland – I just want to get away, and have a good time. Recapture the spirit of September 2006. I want to run away.

Suggestions and offers on a postcard to the usual address…

Gang on holiday

~ by youbrokemytaco on January 6, 2008.

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