g33k fest!

I’ve been in a pretty much non stop state of geeky salivation for the last 10 days, what with CES last week and MacWorld this week it’s been non stop gadgets and shiny things for me to lust over.

CES served up some amazing products such as the curved alienware screen and the 150″ Panasonic Plasma screen this week MacWorld has given us the MacBook Air, Time Capsule and all the new iTunes related goodness!

The MacBook Air is simply beautiful, at 0.76″ at it’s thickest, and 0.12″ at it’s slimmest, it’s fast, well specified and gorgeous to boot. They’ve done away with the optical drive for weight, power and size reasons and instead you can borrow the optical drive from any PC or Mac on your network – which is awesome. I’d probably be ordering one now if I a) had the money, and b) hadn’t just got a new MacBook!

I’m enjoying my Roomba robots. They make housework a breeze. I started off with one Roomba 530 for the living room, which I got on electricshopping.com for £199.99 and I loved it – just press a button and bugger off, come home to freshly swept, vacuumed and buffed floors, it even goes back to it’s base station to charge itself when it’s finished. To help deal with my allergies I keep the bedroom door closed, thus keeping my bed cat hair free, the only downside is Roomba can’t wander in and clean that room. So I popped my head onto eBay and managed to snag me a bargin, a previous generation (but still good machine) Roomba for £20 because it was faulty. After an afternoon on the dining table with vacuums, screwdrivers and grease it’s up and running good as new – and cleaning the bedroom every day. It’s made a huge difference to my breathing as well.

I want more robots now, they do a floor mopping version called Scooba but I have a feeling it’d damage my unsealed laminate flooring. I want a dusting robot next!

~ by youbrokemytaco on January 16, 2008.

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