Incompetence amuses, and infuriates me…

I, just like Stewie Griffin despise most of the world, save good music, good food and even better diabolical plans. And that loathing generally doesn’t go unfounded, there are a lot of really dis likable people out there. There are those who walk slowly, those who spend forever at cash machines, get to ticket barriers and THEN look for their tickets, people who leave doors open behind them, people who don’t say please and thank you…. the list goes on and on.

But the thing that really gets my goat is incompetence. If you say you’re willing and able to do something, then do it. If not just admit it – and don’t waste everyone else’s time. Today once again I saw how incompetent the law makers are in this country – but in the end of the day it worked in my advantage. So as Stewie Griffin would say… Victory is mine!

~ by youbrokemytaco on January 18, 2008.

4 Responses to “Incompetence amuses, and infuriates me…”

  1. oh i love people who stand in a queue at the supermarket for ages, their stuff goes through the scanners, they pack it, and then, its like it’s a bloody surprise to them that they have to pay for the goods, so they then start looking for their purse delaying things even further.
    Oh and McDonalds, when you queue up, and then they’re surprised that they have to order something, only then start staring at the boards ….aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh

  2. Right. Maybe the cash machine is faulty. Or maybe they want to perform a lengthier transaction than simply withdrawing cash. Perhaps they need a receipt. Maybe the machine has swallowed their card.

    People’s memories and reaction times are also adversely affected by stress and many have trouble thinking ahead. You shouldn’t get infuriated about it because that is intolerant, impatient and illiberal. It would be perceiving people very superficially and arrogantly (rather like Scott Adams’ cartoon creation Dogbert perceives induhviduals) but such a perception is a projection and indicative of a lack of empathy, understanding and probably also a short attention span on one’s own part, which may also be related to stress. (Dilbert has unfortunate fascist undertones that reek of latter day class divide or even enslavement of the retarded masses).

    The problem with London is that it is increasingly overcrowded, increasingly dependent on increasingly complex technology and infrastructure that is aging and increasingly likely for those reasons to malfunction. This is only going to get worse so we need to explore ways of dealing with frustration at signal failures on train lines, for instance, now before verbal rants reach boiling point. At the same time we are diurnally bombarded with a) messages that disrespectful and antisocial behavior is acceptable and b) that whatever we want is easily obtainable. It is in this way that our expectations become unrealistic.

    I perceive a fundamental tension between feminist liberalism and empathy and a dangerous suppression or bottling up of the masculine drive for control – manifested for example through passive aggression.

    Finally, to be fair to be fair to our legislative draftsmen, it must be said that statutory law has become an incredibly tangled web of sections and sub sections referring back and forth to one another, such that in certain instances I think it would require a computer program to decipher the references.

  3. Or I could just bitch about it on my blog and have fun, both are good.

  4. Not really. a) You should be worried about it, because, like I said the problem is not going to get better (I personally recommend taking it out on the treadmill) and b) I really can’t see how bitching about it is fun?? My colleague at work accidentally sending me an e-mail in Japanese because there was an IT fault is fun. Going clubbing, or snowboarding or to the beach or to the cinema or a concert or whatever activities you enjoy doing is fun. As far as I’m concerned bitching about other people is fucked up and I only ever do it because perversely I seem gain social acceptance that way. But its not me.

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