MotoRazr2 & Beckham

Fingers crossed my new mobile should arrive tomorrow, I’ve had the same huge brick like Sony Ericsson P990i smartphone for a good year or so now, and I’m fed up with it. I want something small, cute and fabulous; something I don’t need a big coat or a shoulder bag to carry it around in.

Whilst trying to make my mind up I saw this amazing poster:

Now, not wanting to be called a shallow gay and be accused of choosing a mobile phone simply because it’s draped around the neck of a naked muscular celebrity that I’d like to bounce on I did some research and it’s actually a pretty good phone. It’s slim, very slim. It’s got a 500MHz processor, 2gb memory, external touchscreen, and another one inside, stereo bluetooth, USB 2, self portrait camera function and more.

They’ve been a bit slow at getting it out to me, but I’ve finally got a tracking reference with DHL. However it’s not clear whether DHL deliver on Saturdays or not. So I may get it tomorrow (well today at this point) or Monday. Either way it’ll be a relief to lose the 300g brick from my pocket.


~ by youbrokemytaco on January 19, 2008.

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