Saturday was spent with the lovely Richard and Euan, at Richard’s flat in Camberwell. I finally got the meet their famous FIV rescue cat called Angus, he was SO shy – he only really came out to say hello just as we were leaving, which frankly is the complete opposite of Cosmo who is all over you the second you step through the door, miaowing, jumping and dancing, especially if he thinks you have food.

Euan cooked a lovely healthy lasagne made with organic vegetables, and I took along an apple pie and some M&S custard (probably the world’s best custard). I was sooooo stuffed. We watched some of ‘Grease 2’ and also a video of when Euan was 18 and on a TV show talking about the age of consent – he hasn’t changed a BIT.

After that I headed out to the Ku Bar to join Richard’s birthday party, everyone was there… Richard, Tim, Chris, Marc, Roddy, and a whole bunch of new people who I’m adding to my facebook as I slowly remember their names! We stayed there drinking copious amounts of G&T before heading over to Heaven. Luckily we were on the VIP guest list, so no waiting for us – straight in, straight to the bar! Had a dance, had a boogie – got home at about 3am, via the kebab shop and the number 21 bus. 🙂

Got up early Sunday morning and headed up to Redditch (near Birmingham) on a dual purpose visit. One to see my dear friends Andy & Dek who I really don’t see enough, they even made me cocktails and fajitas, and then on Monday off to see my sister who *should* be giving birth tomorrow. However it’s been delayed 3 days running, this baby does NOT want to come out!

I’ll head back to London this afternoon (Monday), in plenty of time to make it over to Kensel Rise to meet with Alistair Appleton for meditation classes. It helped me quite a bit last week what with everything that went on, even though it was largely positive. Not sure what else to do this week, if anyone is at a loose end let me know, well do something. Depending when pay day is this month – I think it’s Friday, I *never* actually know!

~ by youbrokemytaco on January 21, 2008.

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  1. am on facebook too 🙂

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