I feel huuuuuuuge. I may explode at any moment, stand back.

This evening to cheer myself up I had a lazy night in with DVDs and junk food. I enjoyed the back to back, non stop Ugly Betty episodes. and I enjoyed the junk food – but I think I took it a bit far. Sat here at 2.24am I realise eating  a 15″ deep pan meaty pizza, 6 slices of garlic bread, 8 chicken wines, an entire tub of cookies and cream Häagen-Dazs and a bottle of Coca-Cola wasn’t the greatest idea I’ve ever had. At this stage I feel it may be easier to simply roll myself to bed.

Saw the doctor again today, arranging meetings with various mental health officers, and picked up another carrier bag full of prescription drugs (all prescribed for me I might add) from the chemist, they used to look surprised when I walked in with a ‘scrip sheet longer than the Doomsday Book, not any more.  An anti-depressant here, an anti-psychotic there, two inhalers, and some Temazepam to help me sleep after all of that. I think next up is some sort of GPS tracking implant so they can find me when I wander off…

Tomorrow I need to post my invoice to our managing agents, who have finally agreed to pay me to run the residents website, which will help in a big way financially. Am also thinking about getting another tattoo, but this depends whether I get paid or not today (Friday). Must also chase up a £200 refund I’m waiting on, they’re messing me about something rotten, they’ve got 72 more hours before I go all Mariah Carey on their asses.

Finally to finish with, here’s the music video for a song I’ve been listening to a LOT recently, it relaxes me a lot – and I find it quite relevant. It’s Zero 7 with their song ‘Destiny’.

~ by youbrokemytaco on January 25, 2008.

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