Tiring 3 days…

I’ve not been online too much this weekend, partly because I’ve had so much on! I am completely knackered from all my antics this weekend – but it’s been worth it.

Friday was the wake of Popstarz at the Scala, I met up with Chris E, Chris P, Josh R, Ollie, Tim G, Richard, Jon and some others. We danced from 11pm to 4am, I even took my shirt off! The best part I think was dancing to The Spice Girls ‘who do you think you are’ in the packed pop lounge. Then we queued for about 30 minutes to get our coats back before heading to Richard & Tim’s house for an after party with even more booze!

Woke up Saturday morning around 9am, and started to head home. Then halfway I made a detour to meet GJ and Jason for coffee at London Bridge. This being GJ it *had* to be Starbucks. I was feeling a little delicate so I just had a chamomile tea and headed home leaving them to their plans for the day. Then around 3pm I met Alan (moogal) and his sister for a late lunch at Pizza Express at Canary Wharf – they’d had a crazy day of house hunting in London, now they’ve decided to move down. Saturday night I met up my new friend Christoph in Mudchute for a nice glass of wine and a chat, then headed off to meet Joe who was feeling down, and we chilled out and had a chat, which seemed to cheer him up a bit.

Sunday morning I head headed back from Joe’s place, stopped at Waitrose in Canary Wharf to pick up some essentials, and then headed home. I’ve been playing with Cosmo and tidying most of today. It’s 19.18 now and I’m just cooking dinner (pork with chorizo and spicy bean,  served with mash and buttered spinach) before heading out with Ben H for a drink or two and maybe a film at Canary Wharf.

Luckily this coming week looks a bit quieter, well apart from Tuesday when GJ is coming over for the day to hang out – that won’t be quiet at all. Well perhaps if I gagged him :-p

~ by youbrokemytaco on January 27, 2008.

4 Responses to “Tiring 3 days…”

  1. oh we may have passed, mind you i was on my way home after a night shift. I got some great shots of sunrise over the Thames – thats the only thing i like about nights, seeing the sun rise.

  2. Awesome – do you post them anywhere?

  3. flickr.com/photos/

  4. oh what happened to the rest of it?
    the rest of the flickr address is the bit before the @ sign on my email address

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