Kuesday drinks and Wednesday sinks…

I met Chris E last night after work, we grabbed a cocktail at Freedom in Soho, before wandering down to Loch Fyne in Covent Garden for a spot of dinner over a bottle of wine. I had squid followed by moules, and Chris had moules followed by lobster, all in all a very fishy meal!

After dinner we headed up to Ku Bar for Kuesday Drinks organised by Carlos. We met up with too many gays to remember, sadly we missed Tim & Rich by about 30 minutes. But caught up with Chris P, Alex N, Gari D, Wayne, Simon, Jonny, Richard, Caspar and others. Much much gin was consumed, and when Ku Bar closed we headed downstairs to Ku Klub for dancing and more gin. Caspar managed to drop one glass, and then stand up and headbutt my drink out of my hand too – it was very impressive! We danced to Britney and more until they closed at 3am. Walking back to Trafalgar Square we stopped off at Tesco Metro and got snacks – apparently I shouted “GOOD NIGHT AND NO BUMSEX” as loudly as I could manage when we split ways!

Today I had to get up waaaaay early to go for assessment by a SLAM CMHT nurse, it was less traumatic than I was expecting, but not entirely pleasant! It’s in the arse end of nowhere to begin with too, I had to get a BUS! Spent this evening watching Ugly Betty on my PS3. I love my PS3, it Rocks. PS3.

~ by youbrokemytaco on January 30, 2008.

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