Sunshine, lolly pops, and sweet things.

The weather appears to be picking up, which is nice. For far too has it been cold, grey and wet outside – but finally the sun is breaking through. It’s just warm enough to pop to the corner shop in a t-shirt and not shiver. Marvellous. It makes a nice change to be bathed by the warm glow of sunlight through the balcony doors rather than pulling the blinds down to hide the miserable weather.

I’ve developed a real taste for peanut M&M’s over the last few days, well since Friday really when Gari left a huge bag here. Since then I’ve gone through another party sized bag already. I know it’s hardly healthy – but they’re soooo nice. Donations most welcome…


Not sure what to do with myself this week, I mean I’ve got “Kuesday Drinks” (Ku Bar + Tuesday, yes I know) tomorrow which will be nice, more party planning too I suppose. Maybe I’ll spend some time downstairs in the gym and pool, try and get a bit fitter. Not that I’ve let myself go or anything, but exercise is supposed to be an good mood elevator, so yeah – we’ll see.

~ by youbrokemytaco on February 11, 2008.

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