Party: t-minus 28 hours…

Ok so my first house party at the current place (which I’ve been in nearly 4 years!) is fast approaching, 28 hours to go in fact. This being me I’ve turned what could be a simple affair into a big event, and have stressed silly over every minute detail!

So I’ve ordered about £70 worth of food, guests are bringing alcohol but I’ll get some anyway in case they forget, then I’ve been working out seating capacity, standing room, how many glasses and ice I’ll need, who will need to stay over and do I have enough room, what the last DLR times are for people who want to get the last service, who’s allergic to what, where I’m storing the cat, creating  a party playlist and finally choosing an outfit.

I’m hoping all will go well on the night, if not I’ll just have to learn to laugh at myself won’t I?

Juanita (my Roomba) set off as usual at 10am this morning and did a sterling job of hoovering all my floors.  Then I set off Scooba, which is the mopping version of Roomba – I’m borrowing it from my neighbour Rodden. It’s amazing, my wood floors have never looked so good!

I must remember to get to M&S and grab some nice flowers for the party!

~ by youbrokemytaco on February 21, 2008.

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