The weekend that was…

This weekend was a manic one, mostly due to my house party on Friday night.

Tesco turned up 20 minutes late in the morning delivering party food and drink, I’ve never seen quite so much coca-cola in one place before. Gari turned up around 5pm to help me get ready. I had both Roombas on dirt patrol, whilst we set out drinks, glasses and hid expensive possessions.

The first guests turned up about 6.45, a tad early – I was in the shower getting ready, so I had to send Gari to collect them from the DLR station. Guests arrived pretty thick and fast from 7.30 onwards, I could keep up with putting out sweets, and pizza! I got to meet some new neighbours, and a few friends I hadn’t seen in a good long while. We managed to squeeze in a SingStar competition, I think Alan won with his rendition of ‘Losing My Religion’ by REM. Everyone had left by about 2.30am and I got everything pretty cleaned up before hitting the sack.

I woke up laaaaate the next day, about 3pm to be precise. Gari helped me do the minimal amount of cleaning up that was needed, I set off the two Roombas again, and swapped over the dishwasher before setting Scooba off to mop the mucky looking floors. The rest of Saturday was spent watching DVDs and eating snacks and drinking diet coke!

Today I’ve just got up late again, not quite so late as yesterday though, finished putting everything back to normal around the flat, cleaning the sofa, and putting my nic-nacs back. Checking on my stocks of drink it seems at the party we managed to consume 4 litres of gin, 3 litres of gin, and 6 bottles of mixers. I’m left with about half a litre of gin and a litre of vodka, that’ll keep me going for a week or two! 😉

~ by youbrokemytaco on February 24, 2008.

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